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Re: EXCELLENT photos of Poland(non-registered)
Thank you for your comments, and yes my fifteen day tour of Jewish Heritage sites in Poland was at times a very emotional one. The Polish countryside is beautiful and unspoiled, at least the areas where we traveled.You sound as if you have met me but I have no idea who you are as you did not leave your name! If you wish to remain anonymous you could always hit the private entry button on the guest book entry and leave your name. Only I will see that.

Alex Oldfield (Photography)
EXCELLENT photos of Poland(non-registered)
>...Just found these. Can't sleep. How did you like Poland? Didn't know you all had gone.
Didn't talk about that when we saw you. I went in 2003. I actually loved the shopping, but found the city a bit depressing (Warsaw AND Krakow), though preferred Krakow better. My biological mother was Polish from ZAKOPANE - the Polish alps south of Krakow. I felt deeply moved though by the plight of the Jewish population back then, and heard that not many Jews have ever gone's very scare in population, atleast that is what one of the Jewish residents told me in a market in Krakow.
Christine Seal(non-registered)
Thanks Alex for sharing these great photos and for the lovely walks this summer, fall and weekends. Even enjoyed hiking up a mountain near St Andrew's. Although it was hard work!
Thanks for these. Lovely - interesting and keeps bringing me back.
Marti Graham
Thanks for these Alex
Tara Arnold(non-registered)
Wow!! Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing these photos. You really capture the beauty in all things. It was nice to have met you today:)
Cheryle Cavener(non-registered)
Amazing pictures Alex. Hope you and your wife are doing well and don't you just love New Brunswick (:
Monica Woolley(non-registered)
Love the photo's Alex. Number 9 in New Brunswick Waterfalls it looks like Santa towards the right !
Jane from Blacks(non-registered)
Loved the McAdam shots.
Daraious Billimoria(non-registered)
Love the site! Excellent images of the bikes Alex, enjoyed the set. Looking forward to seeing more of the local colour.
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