Alex Oldfield Photography | DOF with macro photography

DOF, (Depth of field) in macro photography by focus stacking and moving the camera on a rail.
Set-up is as follows: Fotomate camera rail; Panasonic GH2; 7mm extension tube; 4/3 to Nikon lens adapter; and Nikkor-H 50mm lens. This combination allows for extreme macro close ups, with an almost non existent DOF.

The two photographs here are a blend of many shots, focused at incremental points within the frame using the camera rail to move the whole camera between shots. The pocket watch is the result of seven shots, the flowers the result of 13 shots. Included are a samples of of the incremental photos.

The methodology I use is to pre-edit the first photo in the series, and then apply the same edits for all the remaining photos in Lightroom, and then load all the images into layers in Photoshop. Select all layers and apply two edits: Auto Align, and Auto Blend. After you have applied these edits, each layer has a layer mask where you can see which parts of the original images have been used. Once you are satisfied with the result in Photoshop, simply flatten the layers and crop the image to remove edge overlap and fuzziness. The original images are not altered in any way. Then further edits in Lightroom and finally a tweak through Topaz Adjust 5.